Songwriting Creatives

contributing to the soundtrack of Bumming Colorado’s Ski Country

For me, photography is about emotion and I want my viewers to feel my images. Using just the right music helps in acheiving that. Mountain artists have a common passion for our lifestyle and environment. This film builds from this principal. In character of the mountain egalitarian society, the musicians on this soundtrack range

Lissa Hanner

Timothy P. Irving



Mark Flett

from national award winning stars to those fighting to survive in the music industry. But they all are here because of a passion for the mountains.  They didn’t just write the songs, its part of who they are. Listen and feel their passion as each adds his/her personal perspective to the documentary’s emotional journey.

Pat Barber

Jesica Dye




James Patterson

James Patterson

Mick White and

Angelina Onofro

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