Tracking The SnowShoe Itinerant


In 1861 John Lewis Dyer was an itinerant Methodist preacher going blind and took out for Breckenridge from Minnesota at the age of 49 hoping to see the miracles of the Rocky Mountain gold camps before he was completely blind. After a 900 mile journey on foot, his eyes healed. Dyer sustained a living carrying the mail through out the high Rockies on skis. Eventually he wrote his autobiography, The Snow-shoe Itinerant.

Tracking The Snow-shoe Itinerant combines a portion of John Lewis Dyer’s autobiography with the photographs of Kent Gunnufson. In spite of being a self-published book, regional and national publication reviews along with television exposure have been ecstatic. “A celebration in words and pictures of a grand American Landscape,” writes Dave Sargarin for the world’s leading photographic magazine, Popular Photography. He states candidly in his feature review, “The reason for this book’s being in these pages is the quality and interest of the photographs.”  Softbound $20, Hardbound $30.


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