Day: October 28, 2020

Bumming Colorado’s Ski Country

A Documentary Film Follow Kent Gunnufson as he works his way through Colorado’s Ski Country while meeting super-talented people along the way… and documenting his life as he went. This journey offers insight to a legendary lifestyle sought by our nation’s most educated workforce giving up professional careers for menial work that would support their

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A Shower at -20 Below Zero

When I was building my home on a mountaintop overlooking Breckenridge, I took a shower before the house was closed in. The adjacent audio to the right tells about the lessons of that shower while my video and b&w images are overlaid to show the beauty of the region. The story is also told with

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Songwriting Creatives

contributing to the soundtrack of Bumming Colorado’s Ski Country For me, photography is about emotion and I want my viewers to feel my images. Using just the right music helps in acheiving that. Mountain artists have a common passion for our lifestyle and environment. This film builds from this principal. In character of the mountain

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