The Life of a Fourth Grader in Breckenridge

Griffith Gunnufson was born in the same town as his mother, Durango, Colorado. A few months later we moved back to Breckenridge where I bought a one bedroom rustic log house and completely remodeled it into a four bedroom house. I worked on the remodel late into the night after my construction day job was over. Griff learned sleep through the noise of a skill saw and hammering.
Later when I was out taking landscape and mine photographs, he waited patiently no matter how long I might take. Griff was on skis at two and I taught him by skiing him between my legs. Later we used a leash to hold him back. He became less and less willing to go. However, during the summer he liked riding along with me on my dirt bike searching for old mines to photograph. He would even sit quietly as I interviewed many of those in my documentaries. Griff has always been easy going and likeable, never making negative statements. He has always entertained himself and been self sufficient.

Once I told Griff how rain accelerates melting the snow pack and ruins skiing conditions. Sometime later he went outside in the snow, hooked up the garden hose and began spraying. After inquiring, I find out he intended to get rid of the snow around the house with water. To understand what is going on with him you have to pry out the information. So one day I decided to find out how he feels about living in the mountains and started prying.

KG: I suppose you don’t remember coming up to Summit County?
GG: No I don’t.
KG: You were about six months old.
GG: Ya.
KG: You’re now in what grade?
GG: Fourth.
KG: What do you remember most?
GG: Well, skiing! Playing video games. I like to skateboard a lot.
KG: Where do you do that?
GG: At the town park and the tennis courts.
KG: How do you feel about Breckenridge?
GG: Well, I think it is a neat old town. It’s kind of western.
KG: What do you like doing here?
GG: I remember going out for ice-cream and taking walks.
KG: Taking hikes?
GG: Ya, and riding my bike.

Griff in kendergarten class.
Griff and friends in Kendergarten
Griff washing the snow away.
Griff washing the snow away.
Griff after a morning fishing at Dillon Reservior
Griff after a morning fishing at Dillon Reservior

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