Day: June 21, 2020

President Gerald Ford

Ski country is packed with visiting celebrities, astronauts, famous scientists, politicians and other high-achieving-type individuals. Many have homes in Colorado high country. When Gerald Ford became Vice President, the local press was used to celebrities and didn’t overly hype their part-time resident’s climb to political power. When President Ford took office, Vail handled the notoriety

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Carl Fultone – Mining in the 1800’s

Montezume ghost town mining site     There are numerous old mining structures and cabins through out the Rockies. Communities first began in the high Colorado mountains as a result of the gold rush in the 1800s. Some of the dwellings and mines still stand as a reminder of those first venturing out at 10,000 feet.

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Lady Carpenter

Lady Carpenter Jaime digging footers in a condo garage     I’ve met numerous people who live in the many old miner cabins through out the county, similar to Harold’s or Carl Fulton’s. Often I refer to these people as “the cabin people.” Their lives are as colorful and unique as the miner’s during the gold

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Father John

Father Kaufman at his placer mine; 1984     Our local Catholic Minister can relate to the locals because he’s out doing the same things we do. He builds homes and carries a carpenters belt with the best of them. His adaptation to the mountain environment reminds me of the historically famous ‘Father Dyer.’ (Father Dyer’s

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Sheri Zepplin

Anna Day Heiser (Sheri Zepplin) in her home.     Bob Bennett, Sheri Zepplin and I all went to CU during the same period. Sheri married a successful attorney and eventually moved next to the Breckenridge ski area. While going through a divorce, she decided to build her own home next door to my home. The

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Melissa – Teenage Wrangler

Melissa Kuwahara in her teens.     Melissa moved with us up to Breckenridge when she was a toddler. I got her on skis before she turned three years old. She began talking at an early age and would turn the heads of many a passerby, when they heard this two year old talking like a

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